Kickstart Your Crowdfunding

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$ 45.00
Kickstart Your Crowdfunding

Mondays from April 16 - May 21
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:15 pm

Introduction: Mondays, April 16 & 23
It's easy to put something on Kickstarter, but to have a SUCCESSFUL crowdfunding campaign requires skill, strategy, and a compelling story. This introductory class is taught by a crowdfunding veteran and will introduce you to the winning tactics and essential elements that have propelled innovative projects from an idea to reality. Whether you're starting a business through crowdfunding, or want to launch a product, get an edge with this two session class so you can plan for success.

Intermediate: Mondays, April 30 - May 21
If you are already familiar with crowdfunding and ready to prepare for a successful campaign on Kickstarter or Indie GoGo, this 4 week course is for you. Learn from an experienced crowdfunding pro who will guide you through the essential elements of your campaign, and provide tactics to launch your product or business. Most of the mistakes made in crowdfunding happen before you even start the campaign, so use this course to implement a strategy that will give your project the best chance at success.





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